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    Running your own projects

    eOcambo Volunteers and the eOcambo Foundation will help you run your own projects.

    Whether it is a group of friends, a service club like Rotary, or an individual project, we can facilitate it, as long as the project meets certain guidelines outlined below.

    We have the local knowledge and can assist with all the organisation you require to be carried out before you arrive in Cambodia.

    We have experience with school groups, Rotary Clubs, groups of friends and individuals carrying out beneficial and sustainable projects.

    Guidelines for support from eOcambo Volunteers and eOcambo Foundation

    eOcambo Volunteers and the eOcambo Foundation relies on the financial assistance from the eOcambo Hospitality Group to operate.  The eOcambo Hospitality Group donates a percentage of profits from the hotels to the eOcambo Foundation and the eOcambo Volunteers. Thus any projects we facilitate are dependent upon those running the projects staying in our hotels or the Tropical Garden House  for at least some of the time.

    We understand that some projects are run in remote and rural areas too far from Siem Reap city to make travelling back and forth feasible. In this case we ask that the project personnel stay with us on arrival or at the finish of the project at least.

    Unfortunately there has been some unscrupulous projects run in Cambodia in the past which did not benefit Cambodians. Many were just set up to extort the volunteering dollar, gain religious converts or only to “virtue signal” the organizers.  They were not run to benefit Cambodians; only the organizers.  eOcambo will not participate in those type of projects, we feel they are unethical and damaging.  Therefore the following has been made necessary:

    • Project must be beneficial for the recipients and preferably sustainable.
    • Project must not exploit Cambodians.
    • Project must not be dependent upon Cambodians changing religion to receive help
    • Project must not cost the recipients money and they will be reimbursed for travel if required
    • We will not facilitate a project which is nothing more than a “feel good photo opportunity”
    • We will not assist any project set up for social media likes and comments which does not provide a REAL benefit to Cambodians.

    These guidelines should not be read to mean that your organization cannot promote the work they carry out. They mean that the publicity and promotion come secondary to the benefits for the Cambodian recipients.

    Case Study:

    Rotary Australia “Hands On Project”

    Rotary Australia have carried out two “Hands On” Projects in Siem Reap, the first in 2017 and again in October 2019.

    These projects donated prosthetic hands to disadvantaged Cambodian amputees.

    Altogether, over 200 people now have new hands and have been trained how to use them.

    The Cambodians who had to travel for the hand were reimbursed for the cost of travel, food for a day and a lost days wage.

    eOcambo facilitated both these projects:

    • Found people who could benefit from receiving a prosthetic hand that could be fitted with this particular model
    • Provided the facilities for fitting and training
    • Provided interpreters
    • Provided all support required before and during the project.
      • This included having someone on standby to carry out any tasks required on the fitting days, such as finding the expertise to adapt the prosthetic immediately when required to make it fit.