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    Schools Improvement Program

    Helping Cambodian Communities eOcambo Volunteer Programs

    Perhaps not so well understood outside of Cambodia was the total elimination of the Education system during the dark years of the 1970’s under the Khmer Rouge regime. Anyone who was a teacher or involved in any form of organized education was murdered.  All books and education materials were destroyed by this despotic regime.

    This left Cambodia in a terrible situation after the Khmer Rouge were removed. There were no education facilities,  the ten long years of occupation though the 1980s did not really address the situation.  Despite a marvelous effort by the Cambodian people to re-build their schools and universities, many need renovation and improvement. There just isn’t the budget for improving or maintaining the buildings and grounds.

    eOcambo Volunteer Programs assists a grass roots organization that helps to improve  infrastructure and undertakes renovation projects in more than 20 public schools who provide education to over 8000 students in the Siem Reap area.


    All the schools included in this program are government operated in the Siem Reap province. Most are within 20km of Siem Reap city.

    Generally the government budgets don’t provide enough funding to undertake physical improvements or maintenance.  This leaves the teachers  struggling to lift education standards due to lack of adequate facilities.

    There is a very long list of improvement projects required throughout more than 20 schools.  Finding something that suits volunteers regardless of numbers or time available is not difficult.


    There are at least 20 schools in the program, scattered around the Siem Reap province.  Their needs change and it is not possible to list the types of works they require.

    The organization that coordinates and supervisors the School Improvement program will provide details of projects based upon how many people can volunteer and how long they are able to help.

    Volunteers are then able to choose what interests them the most.  A budget can then be set to undertake the project. Most projects require very little specialist skills, however there are some larger infrastructure needs where some skill or experience in the building industry would be very helpful.

    A broad example of projects may include:

    • Painting
    • Building
    • Outfitting classrooms
    • Landscaping
    • Improving facilities

    Volunteers need to be willing to donate the funds required to purchase the materials necessary for their specific project.

    There are no additional service charges or other fees.  The funds go directly to buying the necessary materials only.


    The organisation does not charge fees for people volunteering.

    Neither does eOcambo Volunteers.

    The project cost will be the cost of materials, transportation, and any other items required for the works to be carried out. Basically, the budget needed to do the work.

    The organisation will request the budget around a month in advance of the project beginning. They use the money to source all materials etc required for the project. This is done to save time and get the works underway as soon as the volunteers arrive. The organization can get a much better price on supplies, stretching your budget even further.

    There are two ways to approach these projects:

    • Budget based. You let us know what your budget is and we arrange a project with the organisation based on that.
    • Project Based. You decide what you would like to do, build, paint, lay paving etc and then we will inform you of the budget required.


    Minimum Program Period: 6 Days

    Volunteering Package

    • Siem Reap Orientation including Cultural Education and basic Khmer Language (Optional at an extra cost)
    • Before working in schools volunteers will undertake child protection and school orientation training.
    • 5 days Volunteering placement in a school that supports very poor children located in Siem Reap.
    • Volunteers will participate in their chosen School Improvement Project which will be coordinated by local experienced contractors or staff.
    • Lunch provided for 5 Days volunteering
    • Transportation to and from the school during 5 Day placement
    • 6 Nights Accommodation including daily breakfast, free hi-speed Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, private in-room bathroom with hot shower, swimming pool, spa, 24 hour reception.
    • Several accommodation options are available, from 3 Star to 5 Star.
    • Options of double/twin share or single occupancy room
    • Return airport transfers
    • Dedicated English speaking volunteer coordinator is provided by eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs to assist 24/7 in Siem Reap during volunteers visit.

    Cost will depend upon the time of year the project is carried out and which accommodation option is chosen.

    Please contact us for more information.

    Please note- eOcambo does not take any volunteering fees. If they are required, the volunteers pay them directly to the NGO they will be working with.

    Accommodation options can be found by following this link:




    eOcambo Volunteer Programs offers volunteers a range of different accommodation depending upon your budget.

    Please follow this link to investigate our three hotels:


    Then please contact us with your selection and dates. We will attempt to give you a better price depending upon the time of year and number of guests.

    Please note that eOcambo Hospitality Group runs the 1001 Nights for 1001 Bikes promotion from May until September.  This promotion can save you money and donate a bicycle to a school student.  Please contact us for more information.




    Optional Activities Available

    • Optional Extras
    • Welcome Dinner including Traditional Apsara Dancing and Cultural Show
    • Cooking Classes in delicious Khmer Cuisine
    • Tours to Angkor Wat, Floating Villages, ancient ruins and other amazing sights
    • Exclusive Jayavaman’s Jungle Treks
    • Presentation by experienced archaeologist
    • An amazing array of diverse activities around Siem Reap, from ziplining over ancient temples  to golf on international standard courses.

    Extra Costs 

    • Airfares to and from Siem Reap
    • Cambodian Visa
    • Travel Insurance with Volunteer extension (required)
    • Meals not included in the volunteer package
    • Personal spending money
    • Providing Funds For Chosen Project

    Volunteering Combination Packages

    Often if volunteers are staying for more than a week or 2 they like to experience more than one type of volunteer activity. eOcambo Volunteer Programs has various different projects allowing people to help in different ways.

    All itineraries are individual and will be made on a case by case basis.

    We suggest a complete day free after arrival and prior to the project starting, especially if this is your first time to Cambodia.  This day can be used for:

    • Our optional Siem Reap orientation, cultural and educational tour.
    • Picking up personal supplies like sunscreen and insect repellant, a hat and refillable water bottle
    • Relaxing after a long flight by the pool
    • Sightseeing
    • Experiencing a little Khmer culture
    • All of the above


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