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    Helping out people with disabilities – Gardening

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    Cambodians who are born with or acquire a disability have an especially difficult life.  There is a social stigma attached to disabilities because Buddhism says that it is a punishment from a former life.

    The repercussions of this on some people mean shunning and being forced to move from their village. Our amazing partners help these people out in many ways, including finding a way to make a living and reagin their dignity. One of the ways they do this is with their organic, urban farm.

    “Full Belly Farm (FBF) is a small wheelchair accessible organic urban farm in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Opened in mid-2017, the farm is a place where people with disabilities receive food, shelter and training as a leg up in their fight against poverty. It is a nurturing environment that sows the seeds of dignity, cultivates hope and harvests empowerment. The farm provides residents with an opportunity to take control of their lives and to create a meaningful future for themselves and their families.”

    You can help out on Full Belly Farm and bring your children!

    Full Belly Farm is in Siem Reap City, about a ten minute tuk tuk ride from the hotel.

    There really is no particular skills required other than the ability to pull out a weed and have a laugh with the residents.

    The managers of Full Belly Farm have a list of things they require help with to suit all skill levels. There is even jobs for children!

    However, if you are a gardener, you will find plenty of activities where your skills and experience will be very useful.

    This is suitable for families, and it’s especially valuable for urban children who don’t often get to play in a garden and learn about how food is produced.


    Volunteering at Full Belly Farm is free.

    Your only expense is the transport there and back.

    It is located in Siem Reap and will take around ten minutes to get there.

    The farm supports people with disabilities and their families.  It is located in Siem Reap city.

    You will be helping out with activities relating to the growing of food and raising small livestock.

    Activities will depend on the time of year. You may be planting vegetable seedlings or helping to harvest produce for example.

    There is no set itinerary.

    You can volunteer for a full day, or for a couple of hours, it is completely up to you.

    Full Belly Farm recommends about four hours work in a single day due to the heat.

    You can volunteer as many times as you would like to.

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