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    Help Provide Clean Water

    Helping Cambodian Communities eOcambo Volunteer Programs

    Help Provide Clean Water

    eOcambo Volunteer Programs Water Well Project provides clean abundant water to poor Siem Reap communities.  As the essence of all life water is something that nobody can do without.

    UNICEF reported that 65% of rural families in Cambodia have no easy access to unpolluted water, resulting in illness and bacterial infections which can have lifelong health implications, especially for children.

    Within an hour’s drive of Siem Reap city, people in some villages must walk more than 2 km for water from a community well. Many of the villages we work with also support people with disabilities caused by land mines.  Those with limbs amputated face even bigger difficulties getting clean water .

    Our Water Well Project changes the lives of several families at once.  A local well gives clean water for personal use and allows people to cultivate small plots of land to grow much needed extra food.  Fresh vegetables, chickens and other animals can also provide extra income.

    The time saved collecting water can also be used to generate income in small cottage industries like handicrafts, sewing, making fruit chips and the like.


    Located within just a few kilometers from central Siem Reap many poor local communities do not have access to clean water. eOcambo Volunteers and our local NGO partner identify  needy communities in desperate need of a water well and volunteers travel into the village to help install the well.

    Having a  Water Well  changes the lives of these people.  Often a well might service several homes. This enables them to have water for their personal use but also to cultivate small plots of land and grow much needed fresh vegetables or raise chickens or animals.

    Real Example

    A well was installed for a family of four in the Djow Long Village, about 20 kms from Siem Reap.  The well is shared by five families now, all of them had to buy water to survive.

    The well not only saved them money, but the original family is now making an extra income from it.

    They began taking in laundry, and they dug vegetable gardens and began a small plant nursery to provide edible plants for sale to the locals.  They strung the clotheslines above the vegetable gardens and seedstock. This helps water the plants, and the flapping clothes prevent attack by insects and birds.

    The mother remarked to eOcambo Volunteers about two months after the well was installed:

    “All the children are healthy now, even the animals are and all the recently born puppies survived. That has never happened before. I can keep everything clean now, and we can afford to buy our son the things he needs for school.”


    The Skills Required

    The well is dug using drilling equipment, which is operated by local contractors. Then concrete is used to secure the well before a manual pump and piping is installed. It takes around 2 days to construct and fit out each well.

    No specific skills are needed as local people provide direction and assistance.  However, people with construction skills are always appreciated.

    Bring a passion to help and a sense of humor to work in a village where well construction relies on people power rather than power tools.

    The wells are built in rural villages, so you will be working alongside the local people.  Expect your heart to be stolen by the children.

    It is an eye opening experience for some people. But, everyone has a great time and you are providing a basic necessity of life.

    You will experience the indescribably wonderful feeling of knowing you have helped those less fortunate than yourself.

    How Much Does a Well Cost ?

    The well, pump, filter and equipment costs only US$335 to install.  It provides clean water for several families.

    Digging and installation take 2 days.

    The payment for the water well goes directly to the NGO, not eOcambo. It covers the well equipment, pump, filter, materials and local contractors who ensure the correct placement of the well to prevent contamination.

    eOcambo Volunteer Programs does not receive any fee or commission from contractors associated with installing a water well. Volunteers can share the cost of the well.

    Note: this money is paid directly to the NGO. 



    Minimum Project Period: 3 nights 

    2 days Volunteering Placement constructing and installing Water Wells.

    – 3 Nights Accommodation including daily breakfast, free hi-speed wi-fi, air-conditioning, swimming pool, spa, private bathroom with hot shower.

    – Several accommodation options are available, from 3 Star to 5 Star.

    – Options of double/twin share or single occupancy room.

    – Siem Reap Orientation including Cultural Education and basic Khmer Language (Optional at an extra cost)

    -Lunch provided during the Volunteering Placement

    -Transportation to and from the village where they well is built.

    -Dedicated English speaking volunteer coordinator to assist 24/7 in Siem Reap during the Volunteering Project  Period.

    – Return airport transfers

    Volunteer Placement

    – Introduction to the village, local building staff and the families receiving their Water Well.

    – building the Water Wells under the direction of local supervisors.

    – Handing over the new Water Wells to the families in the village.

    -Little victory dance to celebrate providing a basic necessity to your new friends. Lots of hugs, smiles and laughter.

    -The indescribably wonderful feeling from helping others and improving lives


    eOcambo Volunteer Programs offers volunteers a range of different accommodation depending upon your budget.

    Please follow this link to investigate our three hotels:


    Then please contact us with your selection and dates. We will attempt to give you a better price depending upon the time of year and number of guests.

    Please note that eOcambo Hospitality Group runs the 1001 Nights for 1001 Bikes promotion from May until September.  This promotion can save you money and donate a bicycle to a school student.  Please contact us for more information.

    Optional Activities Available

    • Siem Reap cultural orientation tour, including basic Khmer language, hints and tips and some historical information
    • Welcome Dinner including Traditional Apsara Dancing and Cultural Show
    • Cooking Classes in delicious Khmer Cuisine
    • Tours to Angkor Wat, Floating Villages, ancient ruins and other amazing sights
    • Exclusive Jayavaman’s Jungle Treks
    • Presentation by experienced archaeologist
    • An amazing array of diverse activities around Siem Reap, from ziplining over ancient temples  to golf on international standard courses.

    Extra Costs 

    • Airfares to and from Siem Reap
    • Cambodian Visa
    • Travel Insurance with Volunteer extension (required)
    • Meals not included in the volunteer package
    • Personal spending money
    • Providing Water Wells – $335 each

    Volunteering Combination Packages

    Often if volunteers are staying for more than a week or 2 they like to experience more than one type of volunteer activity. eOcambo Volunteer Programs has various different projects allowing people to help in different ways.

    All itineraries are individual and will be made on a case by case basis.

    We suggest a complete day free after arrival and prior to the project starting, especially if this is your first time to Cambodia.  This day can be used for:

    • Our optional Siem Reap orientation, cultural and educational tour.
    • Picking up personal supplies like sunscreen and insect repellant, a hat and refillable water bottle
    • Relaxing after a long flight by the pool
    • Sightseeing
    • Experiencing a little Khmer culture
    • All of the above


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