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    Build A House

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    Many Cambodians do not have basic housing.  Too many live in insecure huts built of local materials which do not survive the wet season.  They are not weatherproof, and allow snakes and vermin in.  They cannot be secured, which is a big concern especially for women.  They burn down all too easily, and all too often.

    eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs connects with a professional community based construction NGO to provide houses to some of the very poorest families in Siem Reap.


    The house can be donated to a family the volunteer may know. eOcambo Volunteers has a list of people who require a house,  otherwise the village leaders nominate the neediest families in their community. There are criteria the family need to meet before being considered for the house, this is to ensure that they cannot lose the house once it is constructed.


    Housing in Cambodia is very different to in more wealthy countries but a safe and secure home is important for everyone, no matter where they live.

    Each house takes around 5 days to build depending upon weather or other issues with the schedule being:

    • 1 day for buying material and meeting the NGO staff, the family and village.
    • 3 days to build.
    • 1 day blessing ceremony and hand over to the family, and a little house warming celebration.
    • Victory Dance with your new friends, lots of hugs, smiles and laughter
    • Enjoy the indescribably wonderful feeling of having helped change lives for the better

    Most houses are built for families within 25kms of Siem Reap.

    Despite the money tourism brings in, Siem Reap Province is still one of the poorest in Cambodia and far too many rural families do not have adequate shelter.

    Houses are built of whatever local materials are available, usually palm thatch which does not last, harbours vermin, rots quickly and burns all too easily.

    The houses our volunteers build are wooden. They are weatherproof, can be locked up and last at least 15 years.

    Volunteers will be working in rural villages, often with the family and their friends to construct the house. It is an eye-opening experience for many people to see how the majority of Cambodians live. However, a great time is  had by our volunteers and they often fall in love with the people they work with.

    Building a house for a family will give your the indescribably wonderful feeling of helping out and self satisfaction. Volunteers often come back again and again.



    A willingness to help and a sense of humour are the essential skills to work in a village environment where building relies more on physical people power rather than power tools.

    People with construction skills are great, but anyone who can hit a nail is most welcome. The house construction is carried out by an internationally respected NGO and the volunteers work under their direction.

    You will be working with locals, the family’s friends and family and the NGO. It is an amazing experience to build something with the people who will benefit. It can be an eye-opening experience working in Cambodian rural villages, but everyone always has a great time. You may find that you get just as much from the experience as the family receiving the house.

    A house costs $3000 to build

    We build traditional wooden Khmer-style houses for some of Cambodia’s poorest people. Most of the homes we build are in rural areas surrounding the popular tourist city and famous Angkor Wat. We target the communes and villages with high poverty and where few other organisations operate.

    Poverty rates are high in rural Cambodia, where many people are still living on less than $1 a day. In many cases the housing is rudimentary at best and many homes are fragile structures with palm frond walls and dirt floors. Many of these houses do not survive the severe rainstorms.

    In contrast, our wooden houses are solid and designed to last at least 15 years. The houses we build are four metres by five metres, with concrete footings, wooden sides and floorboards and a tin roof. They include one enclosed room and one room with a large swing up open window. The space underneath the house is often used as a daily living and cooking area.

    Each house takes about four days to build and on the fifth day a Khmer house blessing ceremony is held before the family moves into it.

    The impacts of inadequate housing can take its toll on families. We see children who don’t go to school and many health problems through lack of sanitation or secure housing and sleeping arrangements.

    Our impact assessments have shown the difference a safe, dry and secure house can make to a family. People are given some hope, they sleep better and the children go to school.

    We access the poorest families with the help of our NGOs social worker, who conducts thorough assessments before signing a family up for a new house. He works with village and commune chiefs and checks referrals from eOcambo Volunteers.

    The NGO requires the families we support to own their own land and to be free of debt to ensure there is no chance they can be evicted by the landowner or have the house taken by debt collectors.

    Price of House – $3000 USD

    Time – 5 Days



    Minimum Program Period: 6 Days

    Volunteering Package

    • 5 days Volunteering placement with an NGO in a Siem Reap village
    • Siem Reap Orientation including Cultural Education and basic Khmer Language (Optional at extra cost)
    • English translators provided whilst on site of house building
    • Lunch provided for 5 Days volunteering
    • Transportation to and from the building site during 5 Day placement
    • 6 Nights Accommodation including daily breakfast, free hi-speed wi-fi, air-conditioning, private in-room bathroom with hot shower, swimming pool, 24 hour reception.
    • Several accommodation options are available, from 3 Star to 5 Star.
    • Optional double/twin share or single occupancy room
    • Return airport transfers
    • Dedicated English speaking volunteer coordinator is provided by eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs to assist 24/7 in Siem Reap during volunteers visit.

    Cost will depend upon the time of year the project is carried out and which accommodation option is chosen.

    Please contact us for more information.

    Please note- eOcambo does not take any volunteering fees. If they are required, the volunteers pay them directly to the NGO they will be working with.

    Accommodation options can be found by following this link:



    eOcambo Volunteer Programs offers volunteers a range of different accommodation depending upon your budget.

    Please follow this link to investigate our three hotels:


    Then please contact us with your selection and dates. We will attempt to give you a better price depending upon the time of year and number of guests.

    Please note that eOcambo Hospitality Group runs the 1001 Nights for 1001 Bikes promotion from May until September.  This promotion can save you money and donate a bicycle to a school student.  Please contact us for more information.


    Optional Activities Available

    • Optional Extras
    • Welcome Dinner including Traditional Apsara Dancing and Cultural Show
    • Cooking Classes in delicious Khmer Cuisine
    • Tours to Angkor Wat, Floating Villages, ancient ruins and other amazing sights
    • Exclusive Jayavaman’s Jungle Treks
    • Presentation by experienced archaeologist
    • An amazing array of diverse activities around Siem Reap, from ziplining over ancient temples to golf on international standard courses.

    Extra Costs 

    • Airfares to and from Siem Reap
    • Cambodian Visa
    • Travel Insurance with Volunteer extension (required)
    • Meals not included in the volunteer package
    • Personal spending money
    • Cost to construct the house total $3000,


    All itineraries are individual and will be made on a case by case basis.

    We suggest a complete day free after arrival and prior to the project starting, especially if this is your first time to Cambodia.  This day can be used for:

    • Our optional Siem Reap orientation, cultural and educational tour.
    • Picking up personal supplies like sunscreen and insect repellant, a hat and refillable water bottle
    • Relaxing after a long flight by the pool
    • Sightseeing
    • Experiencing a little Khmer culture
    • All of the above


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