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    Whatever your age, you have something to offer here in Siem Reap and you gain personally by doing it. Travelling alone is a wonderful experience, but making that travel mean something makes it extraordinary.  Volunteering offers you a chance to really see the country and culture you are in. You can make lifelong friends, and watching the change in their lifestyle for the better gives you a real sense of achievement and personal satisfaction.

    Often people travel to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat and its other ancient wonders, and encounter the engaging Khmer people and their infectious smiles. Then they see their living conditions and poor circumstances and would love to be able to help in a practical way.

    It can be difficult to know how to help and Cambodia unfortunately had some unscrupulous organisations which were set up to exploit both kind hearted volunteers and especially the very poorest of Cambodians.  Most legitimate NGOs and charities who work directly improving the lives of Cambodians don’t have the resources to promote themselves or to look after Volunteers safely when they are in Cambodia.

    eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs has been established to provide both Volunteers and NGO’s and community organizations  a way of connecting with each other. By managing all the needs of Volunteers from the time they arrive to the time they leave, both the volunteers and the organisations can get on with their important work.

    Our role is to promote community programs in Siem Reap that need Volunteers and provide all the services needed to those Volunteers with NO direct project or agents fees payable to us.

    We are based in Siem Reap and have both Cambodian and Western management this ensures that any cultural or communication barriers are dealt with very easily. We provide personal service, giving our volunteers a level of security and comfort not available with larger international tour companies offering volunteer projects.


    • Volunteer Coordinator – English Speaking with extensive local knowledge.
    • Accommodation Choices –   Budget 4 Star Hotel /  Luxury 4.5 Star Hotel / Luxury 5 Star
    • Transport – Airport transfers and transport associated with volunteer program,
    • Optional – Education: Introduction to Cambodian Culture / Siem Reap Orientation
    • Tours & Activities – Many options to explore Siem Reap
    • We believe in flexibility – different people are looking for different experiences, not one size fits all.

    We offer numerous Programs that require various skills to give a broad range of opportunities for Volunteers to become involved in projects that spark their interest. If you have an interest in helping in some way not listed on our websites, please get in touch. We can facilitate any project that is beneficial to the community.


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