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    There is a long history of people gathering together in groups to help others, and they have one thing in common.  Volunteer Groups with collective skills can achieve amazing results in a short period of time.

    People who volunteer as part of a group get great satisfaction from what is achieved helping those less fortunate.  They also make new friends, learn amazing new skills and when coming to Siem Reap gain a cultural experience not experienced by normal holiday makers.

    Often people travel to Cambodia  to visit Angkor Wat and its other ancient wonders then see the circumstances of how people live and engage with the amazing humble Khmer people and are inspired to help in a practical way through an organization or group where they have a connection.

    This can be difficult because most community programs that desperately need international Volunteers with wide ranging skills cant access them directly because they don’t have the resources to promote their needs and especially look after or co-ordinate a group of Volunteers safely when they are here.

    eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs provides the connection between the community programs and  Volunteer Groups to  focus on one large project or a series of smaller ones in the same community and can make a significant impact for the people almost immediately.

    The range of community programs needing help is wide and varied skills are required which is why Volunteer Groups are so welcomed as often the people participating  provide a broad range of skills to achieve the project goals quickly.

    As with the programs the range of Volunteer Groups is also varied in terms of skills and what they wish to focus upon , an example of the type of groups we have already helped to volunteer are:

    • School / College / University Students
    • Professionals – Doctors, Nurses, Teachers
    • Trade Associations – Builders , Electricians , Plumbers, Carpenters etc.
    • Service Clubs – Rotary, Probus
    • Retiree Associations / Groups

    Our role is to promote community programs in Siem Reap that need Volunteers by providing all the services and co-ordination needed.

    Unlike other international agents volunteers pay NO direct project or agents fees to us.

    We understand that co-ordination of a Volunteer Group is not always an easy task and all groups have different budgets and other requirements.

    eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs responsibility is to provide whatever assistance and administration is needed to support the group organizer/s and make what might seem a daunting process in a foreign country much easier.

    Being based and focused only on Siem Reap along with having both Cambodian and Western management  is of great advantage as this ensures any cultural or communication barriers are dealt with very easily.   Volunteer Group organizers will experience a level of security and confidence not  available with larger international tour companies offering  volunteer projects all over the World.

    eOcambo Hospitality Volunteer Programs provide the following to Volunteer Groups:

    • Co-ordination and administration
    • Accommodation Choices –   Budget 4 Star Hotel /  Luxury 4.5 Star Hotel /  Luxury 5 Star Hotel
    • Transport – Airport transfers  and transport associated with volunteer program
    • Group Activities Organised – Buffet Dinner / Pool Party etc.
    • Optional Education: Introduction to Cambodian Culture / Siem Reap Orientation
    • Tours & Activities – Many options to explore Siem Reap
    • Volunteer Group Coordinator – English Speaking

    There are many programs in Siem Reap available where Group Volunteers can make an enormous difference in a short time period. The case of one size fits all just doesn’t work and our focus is achieving the best result for the Program and an outstanding and rewarding experience for the Volunteers.

    Detailed on our website are numerous Programs that require varying types of skills for Volunteer Groups to become involved with that meet their interests. However, if your group has a particular project to carry out, eOcambo Volunteers will help facilitate it. Please see the “Running your own Project” page here:

    Running your own projects



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