To Be in Bad Waters

Christopher Tabet
Approximately 4 million people out of the total population of about 16 million live without access to safe, clean water.  6 million of these lack access to improved sanitation.  With 80% of its population living in rural regions of the country, this has disproportionate effects for those rural communities.    It’s one thing to read these statistics and to acknowledge the fact that these are some of the issues that people have to live with on a daily basis.  However, it is hard to know the full scale of these issues without having lived it, yourself.

We have spoken to many Cambodians who have experienced these water sanitation issues, first hand.  Something as simple as turning on a tap and filling up a glass of water to quench your thirst, a luxury that we take for granted in some countries is something that these Cambodians have never known.  Quenching thirst with fresh water means trekking a kilometre or two in order to fill a bucket, a task that would wear a child down in the hot sun.

Being told these stories from people who have experienced this first hand makes our water sanitation program worth the work.  Next time you go for that glass of water from your tap, express gratitude for you are blessed.

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    1. Hi Ann,
      All statistics came from the most recent available information from websites such as the WHO, UNICEF, and other internationally recognised organisations who work in the field. If you would like more information please send us a message on the contact form.

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